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Steampunk Pocket Watches

shiny steampunk pocket watch

When you want a classic time piece that adds a bit of style to your look, consider the great options available at Steampunk Pocket Watches. You’ll be able to choose from a wonderful selection of gorgeous steampunk designed pocket watches, such as the Wenshida octagon men’s mechanical pocket watch, featuring golden movement and a patinaed bronze case as well as a retro looking chain and a gift box. The elegant design of this watch is a classic that anyone would be proud to carry.

Of course, Steampunk Pocket Watches offer a number of other excellent pocket watches to fit your personal sense of style. For example, you’ll find a wonderful Vigoroso United States Air Force vintage style steampunk pocket watch featuring a resilient bronze alloy case as well as a white dial, Arabic numerals, and a quartz movement. With the US Air Force designed displayed prominently on the cover, this pocket watch can be a great gift idea for anyone who has served in the Air Force.

Many people like the look of steampunk products; melding the retro look of a past era with a 19th century industrial touch and the modern technology of today. Pocket watches are one of those items that were iconic in their day, but with the changing times, became almost irrelevant. However, today, with the resurgence in the popularity of retro designs, especially the trend towards steampunk products, steampunk pocket watches make a great style statement.

If you know someone who is a train enthusiast, whether they’re young or old, they’ll love the XR pocket watch with an image of an antique train design on the cover of its case. The watch features a case with a diameter of approximately 4.5 cm as well as a chain and a vintage style pointer for added flair.

Another excellent design that is extremely popular is the Wenshida steampunk bronze pocket watch. This unique pocket watch features a transparent case which lets the internal mechanism show through. The watch comes with a removable brass tone stainless chain as well as a gift box for giving. The transparent case is made from a hardened scratch resistant material to help ensure that it stays looking great for many years to come.


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